In search of the perfect Sweet 16 DJ? Look no further! A Sweet 16 is one of the most important days of a young girls life. We understand that these are very exciting times for both the birthday girl and her family. We also understand that it can be very stressful and demanding as well. Whether you're searching for a basic sound setup or a complex lighting and visual setup, we have the package that fits both your budget and entertainment needs. Give us a call today, we will be there to lend a helping hand when you need it most. Worried about music? Don't be! As well as choosing the decorations and favors, your teen is the perfect person to consult on the choice of music to be played at her sweet sixteen party. Most teens will be rather anxious and afraid that their parents have chosen a cheesy DJ. The key to finding a good DJ is to choose a DJ that will play the music your teen enjoys and not just music the DJ has in his personal collection or likes to play. Sure, it may not be your cup of tea but this is her day, after all. Let the kids dance the night away to the tunes that mean something to them. Don't worry though, we always use discrection when it comes song selections. We never play songs with curses in them. We like to keep it classie. Although we mostly play towards the younger crowds, we always find a way to get the adults up on the dancefloor, too.                                                                    

Sweet Sixteens