Top 10 N.J. Wedding Venues

Our NJ Wedding Venues feature is here to help you pick that special place for your big day.

When you're looking for a location to throw the biggest party of your life, it's easy to get lost going from site to site trying to find the place that fits your style, your personality and your budget. That’s why we're here. We provide you with a style guide to the best wedding reception sites in New Jersey.

We started doing features like this a few years ago when we published a story on about the best wedding venues in Bucks County Pennsylvania. It turned out to be one of our most popular guides that we have ever done. With our new site we wanted to do something similar but on a bigger scale so we’re undertaking the task of finding the best wedding venues in the entire state of New Jersey.

We have considered these factors in choosing our Best NJ Wedding Winners: Beauty, Drama, Style and Location. We've worked to include some locations in every region of the state.

In the next couple of months, we will be totally revamping our Best Weddings in New Jersey feature. This one is still quite popular, but it was created in the age of steam powered computers. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the feature or how we can make it more useful, just drop us a line. You might also want to see our other NJ Weddings Features.

Skylands in Ringwood, North Jersey

Location: Passaic County | Style: Traditional, Classical, Tudor, English, Continental, Elegant, Formal, Grand

Skylands Castle Fountain . Pool . Promenade

Our first winner is Skylands Manor in Ringwood in the northwestern part of the state. Skylands is an American castle surrounded by an enchanted forest on a hilltop. The castle makes for a grand location for weddings. The 100 acre estate features formal gardens, expansive lawns and fountains. It is the home of the New Jersey Botanical Gardens. The mansion can accommodate up to 300 guests for weddings. It features 54 rooms, a Great Hall entrance, a bridal suite, a stone patio, a private chapel, a ballroom and more. To get a better feeling for what the location has to offer see our virtual tour of Skylands.

Skylands Castle/Manor & New Jersey Botanical Gardens is owned by the state of New Jersey. Weddings and events at Skylands are managed by Frungillo Caterers, a family owned business that has been catering weddings for three generations.

*** Update *** Frungillo Caterers was very fast in getting back with us with more information. They also have become quite famous since we started this feature. They are the subject of the reality show "Masters of Reception" on The Learning Channel. We love Skylands and if we were to pick a place in New Jersey for a fantasy wedding, it would be here.


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Nanina’s in the Park, Belleville, North Jersey

Location: Essex | County Style: Traditional, Classical, Italian, Tuscan, Elegant, Formal, Italianate

Our second winner is Nanina’s in the Park. Nanina’s is unique for its gardens, park setting and bridal walk. The facility is one of our favorite reception sites for weddings after dark.

Nanina's features: marble and wrought iron staircases, a grand ballroom with Austrian crystal chandeliers, a library with a fireplace and romantic gardens with a waterfall a brook and a bridge.

The facility can accommodate up to 1500 guests or 400 guests for a seated dinner.

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Mallard Island Yacht Club in Manahawkin, Jersey Shore

Location: Ocean County | Style: Traditional, Classical, Grand, Exceptionally Elegant, Formal

Our third winner is the magnificent Mallard Island Yacht Club in Manahawkin. We fell in love with this place the moment we walked in the door last year on the tour during the LBI Region Wedding Road Show. It is one of the most well situated and strikingly designed wedding reception spaces in New Jersey. It has a romantic feel reminiscent of a southern plantation.

The Yacht Club can accommodate parties of up to 250 guests in the main ballroom. The resort can handle the entire wedding, including the catering, the rooms for the ceremony and the reception, the flowers and of course the honeymoon suite which you can see in our LBI Weddings Virtual Tour. Up to 24 Wedding guests can stay at the club.

Mallard Island Yacht Club features a gorgeous chapel on the bay, a bridal suite that can't be matched, a marina, a ballroom with a Tiffany blue ceiling and incredible views of Barnegat Bay.


Eagle Oaks Golf and Country Club: Jersey Shore

Location: Monmouth County | Style: Traditional, Refined American Plantation Style, Relaxed and Casual Elegance

Our fourth winner isthe Eagle Oaks Golf and Country Club. The impressive grounds of the golf course make for a wonderful setting. The club house has a refined yet relaxed style that reminds me of a grand mansion in the low country of Savannah or Charleston. The expansive porches invite you to sit back and relax.

Eagle Oaks offers valet parking, a terraced wedding garden, impressive wrought iron staircases, a bridal suite, a ballroom, a wine cellar, a golf course [of course] and more.

Eagle Oaks can accommodate up to 600 guests for your wedding.

*** Update *** Eagle Oaks has been the most gracious of all of the winners in our feature. We are currently working with the facility to do an exclusive feature article and get some photos to share with you.


The Conservatory at the Madison Hotel: North Jersey

Location: Morris County | Style: Traditional, Classical, English, Elegant, Light, Exotic Victorian

Our fifth NJ Wedding Venues Winner is the Conservatory at the Madison Hotel. The conservatory offers one of the brightest and unique wedding venues in New Jersey. The space is reminiscent of London's famous Crystal Palace with its vaulted glass ceilings, hanging planters and huge crystal chandeliers.

The Conservatory features: a hotel with spacious sweets, an award-winning steak and seafood restaurant, a ballroom, a swimming pool, a fitness center and more.


The Imperia: Somerset, Central Jersey

Location: Somerset County | Style: Transitional Modern, Classical and Modern Blend, "Luxurious Warm Modernity", Contemporary

Our sixth winner is the Imperia in Somerset. The Imperia exudes a luxurious and warm modernity. One of our favorite features of the facility is the double spiral grand staircase in the lobby.

The Imperia features: two ballrooms, a terraced waterfall garden, a patio garden, on-site culinary staff and event coordinators. The facility can handle up to 500 guests for your reception dinner.

The Palace at Somerset Park: Somerset, Central Jersey

Location: Somerset County | Style: Traditional, Classical, Federal, Elegant, Extremely Formal, Pristine, White

Our seventh Best of NJ Wedding Venues Winner is The Palace at Somerset Park. The Palace looks like one gigantic wedding cake. It is a stunning location for a wedding with its circular driveway, imposing Federal style façade, and manicured grounds. The facility is especially beautiful at night in any season.

The Palace features a grand foyer, a private upstairs bridal suite, a personal bridal attendant, a flower-filled outdoor terrace, gardens, imposing grand staircases, fireworks displays, ice carvings, ballrooms, an incredible variety of culinary options and hotel shuttle service.


One Atlantic: Jersey Shore

Location: Atlantic County |Style: Minimalistic Modern, Simple, Spartan, Stark and Stunning

Our eighth winner is One Atlantic. If the Trump Marina Wedding Ballroom is the epitome of traditional elegance; One Atlantic is the epitome of modern elegance. They both have their own beauty but this is our favorite venue in the survey. I can just imagine one incredibly beautiful event here because the space is a blank white canvas where the event itself becomes the masterpiece. The guests, the flowers, the table settings, the glassware and the bride and groom become the stars here.

One Atlantic features: grand ballrooms with floor to ceiling windows that face the never-ending horizon of the Atlantic Ocean, valet parking, chauffeured limousines, gourmet international cuisine, event planners and more.

The facility can host cocktail receptions of up to 1000 guests, dinner receptions of up to 500 guests and wedding ceremonies of up to 750 guests.


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Pleasantdale Chateau, North Jersey

Location: Essex County | Style: Traditional, Classical, Tudor [actually Norman], English, Elegant, Formal, Grand

Our ninth winner is Pleasantdale Chateau. Pleasantdale resides at the center of a 40 acre estate surrounded by gardens and grassy rolling hills. It has the feeling of an English Country estate. It has a domed grand ballroom that is one of the most dramatic spaces in New Jersey. The gardens at Pleasantdale are exquisite. They are wonderfully designed and extremely well-kept.

Pleasantdale features: luxurious accommodations, a dramatic indoor pool, a fitness facility, a stunning hexagonal grand ballroom, formal English gardens, grand entrance with stone paved circular driveway, wooded paths and charming wooden bridges.


The Venetian, Garfield, North Jersey

Location: Bergen County | Style: Traditional, Classical, Italian, Elegant, Formal, Grand

Our final NJ Wedding Venues Winner is the Venetian. The Venetian first came to our attention when we did the Best of Bergen County Weddings feature last year. The facility features one of the most extravagant interiors in our survey. It truly feels like a place of fantasy and magic. The Venetian features: grand ballroom with marble floors and gigantic crystal chandeliers, dramatic staircase, lighted indoor fountain, on site catering and bar, outdoor patio with bar and balconies.


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