As a little kid I loved being in the spotlight at parties. I was always the life of the party! It was at work as a bus boy i approached a dj company ,"Classie" an ask if they where hiring, because entraining was what i really wanted to do. Starting out as an rodie, I was taught and quickly mastered the art MCing and DJing mixing the right techniques on how to coordinate a fabulous party. But I still wasn’t fulfilled. I NEEDED MORE!!! My decision to become a percussionist was my ‘final answer’! But reaching and excelling at that goal was not an overnight accomplishment. It took serious training and now 18 years and over 1500 parties behind me, my childhood dreams have become a reality. In 2011 I became partners with Vito an started our own Disc Jockey Entertainment Company, CLASSIE EVENTS. “I truly believe my love for music and making people happy is the catalyst that keeps me going. In what other profession could you get to party all the time, meet all types of great people with the sole purpose of making them smile.” From the youngest to the oldest-- be it at your wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Anniversary or Corporate affair, there is no place I’d rather be than hosting for you an event to remember. 

Nick Trevor

Caught in action!! #njdj #weddinglife #djlife  #classieweddings _infocuspro thanks for the shot!

Caught in action!! #njdj #weddinglife #djlife #classieweddings _infocuspro thanks for the shot!